A mosaic of people

IMG_0021.jpg .  IMG_2946.JPG

2001, Mamma and babbo by the beach. About 15 years later, Mamma and babbo saying bye one of the times I took the Flixbus from Rome back to Munich.


IMG_0453.JPG     IMG_4251

My favourite picture of Babbo sitting at home in the sun. Nikita’s dad took it when they visited Toscana. My beautiful mamma at an olive oil competition she rocked. She doesn’t like this picture, but I do.


img_2673.png  IMG_3769.JPG

When my brothers Edo and Andi visited me in Vienna. It was Christmas time. And when they visited me in Munich. Andi sometimes claims he is vegetarian… judge for yourself.



Minuscule Floh when we fist encountered her.



Family crew when we climbed our oak tree at home. One of the rare times that we managed to be all together.



The person with my favourite smile, Nikita. On a boat near Moscow. There were a lot of Lotus flowers. I used to eat Lotus during my time in China.



With my best friend Doni after a hike in Abisko, Sweden. We were on a 1-month interrail-trip through Europe after graduating from highschool in Vienna. I remember that we were stinking and were afraid of encountering bears while camping.

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