Pieces of life

These are some pictures of past and present, without any system of categorisation.



Mamma and babbo at a Bonobo concert in Rome. I couldn’t be there, but started liking Bonobo after that. I thought the music was very cool and that my parents were very hip.


847b07eb-20c0-498a-aacd-353319da8733    IMG_8811

Me being interviewed about sleep near St. Paul’s cathedral. I was getting lunch with Nikita during his break from work.
Three pictures mamma took of her kids. We took a walk by the beach on a winter day when I visited home from Vienna.


img_0022.jpg      IMG_2441

My favourite picture with brother Andi sitting on a tree back in the days.
A picture of our cat when it was a puppy and climbed himself up anywhere.


IMG_0318.JPG    c2e48bb1-a959-4711-8d21-40f79e5d50ec

Once mamma visited me in Munich and we got icecream after dinner. She has an addictive passion for Jugendstil (Wiener Secession) and was showing me a book about it. She especially loves Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. I agree and particularly like Schiele’s hands. In fact on the right there is a picture of when mamma, Andi and Edo visited me during my time at Columbia in New York and we had a look at the Klimt Museum next to Central Park on the Upper East Side.


IMG_0316.JPG IMG_2752

A picture of mamma sitting in her garden with our cat. Apparently they have deep discussions during coffee breaks.
A picture of when Floh was still alive. We were stretching in the garden. We all miss her.



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