2018’s love celebration: Taking off our masks to love unconditionally

We have reached again the almost unavoidable mix of running noses, ecological Christmas trees, environment-friendly decorations and videos on how to Feng Shui wrap your gifts: Christmas, or as I like to agnosticise it: the love celebration.

Most things are like the last years, my murderous aunt almost had my brother killed again by making him climb on the tree to hang a decoration “just across the long branch, but a little higher”, Michael Bublé playing in the background, incredibly Trump is still the president of the United States, fights arising from someone not buying the right marzipan pigs for NYE, my proposal of adding some vegetarian options to our Christmas dinner being totally ignored (the result is one more duck being cooked)… But there are also some news, like there being less snow than last years, me having my first wrinkles under my eyes, my brother turning into a disciplined person, the Christmas tree topping “the world’s highest Xmas tree” record we sat last year (it looks like it grew through the house and makes us look the size of a decoration around the tree)…

My very wide view of the meaning of Christmas allows me to consider it as the celebration of unconditional love, which makes it fairly close to the religious feast. This year there is a thought lingering in my head. My favourite human sometimes tells me that I should stop giving the world this “Good Will Hunting” attitude. For those of you who know the movie (for those who don’t, drop this and go watch it!) Will has a problem in getting emotionally close to people for he is afraid of giving insight into his imperfections, hence being vulnerable and likely to be hurt.
Not to the same extent, but I think most of us have this fear. This year I want to think of unconditional love as the love we should first of all give and then allow ourselves to receive. I want to think of Christmas as the celebration of taking each other’s hand when they may think they least deserve it. I want to celebrate unconditional love by not stopping at the superficial level at which imperfections appear, but showing that we can dig deeper and truly understand our fellow humans and loved ones. I want to think of unconditional love as the moment we come together as meek and humble as we know we are, when we take off our masks.

In the spirit of Christmas and to all of you loyal enough to read this blog on Christmas day:

Spread the love to your beloved ones, all the way to and over their limits, to your friends, to your lovers and to yourselves and in doing so, take off your mask.



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