My brother Andi and me spent about a month in India and Nepal. To avoid monsoons, after landing in New Delhi, we spent some time in Leh. Leh is the capital of Ladakh, a region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir by the Himalaya. Later we visited Jaipur and Agra. Ladakh hosts a … Continue reading INDIA

Learning path

I like the word "Werdegang" in German. Literally translated it means "the path of becoming", but I'm not sure it is what I mean here: becoming what? I didn't become anything. I don't use the term because it has some connection to career and I really have absolutely none. What I mean here is more … Continue reading Learning path


Just before I started my Master in London, Nikita and me flew to Israel. We spent some days in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. On the first day of our trip, we had the inevitable, very long and passionate discussion about Israel and Palestine. I remember turning Nikita's harmless intention to have breakfast in the … Continue reading ISRAEL


I had been to St. Petersburg before and it's -together with Istanbul- one of my favourite cities, but I had never been to Moscow. Because Nikita is Russian, so "Mother Russia" and all that, but mainly because it was his dad's birthday, I fifth-wheeled along when he went to Moscow --I thought it would be … Continue reading RUSSIA

Pieces of life

These are some pictures of past and present, without any system of categorisation.   Mamma and babbo at a Bonobo concert in Rome. I couldn't be there, but started liking Bonobo after that. I thought the music was very cool and that my parents were very hip.        Me being interviewed about sleep … Continue reading Pieces of life

A mosaic of people

 .   2001, Mamma and babbo by the beach. About 15 years later, Mamma and babbo saying bye one of the times I took the Flixbus from Rome back to Munich.         My favourite picture of Babbo sitting at home in the sun. Nikita's dad took it when they visited Toscana. My beautiful … Continue reading A mosaic of people