IPCC report on global warming (of Oct.2018)

See the main "No planet B" page if you don't know what the IPCC is and does. You can find a summary of the report I'll talk about here, Since I'm guessing most of you won't really click on the link (I don't blame you, it's not exactly a Tolkien-style reading). Here are some excerpts, which … Continue reading IPCC report on global warming (of Oct.2018)

2018’s love celebration: Taking off our masks to love unconditionally

We have reached again the almost unavoidable mix of running noses, ecological Christmas trees, environment-friendly decorations and videos on how to Feng Shui wrap your gifts: Christmas, or as I like to agnosticise it: the love celebration. Most things are like the last years, my murderous aunt almost had my brother killed again by making … Continue reading 2018’s love celebration: Taking off our masks to love unconditionally


During my time in New York, Columbia scheduled a week of vacations in the middle of the term. Flights back to most parts of the US were really expensive and looking at the map Iceland seemed suddenly incredibly close, if compared to when I lived in Munich. I really wanted to get at an out … Continue reading ICELAND


After our time in India, my brother Andi and me flew to Nepal. We arrived in Katmandu just a few days after the monsoon season had torn away several villages in the mountains. Katmandu was still recovering from the disastrous earthquakes that destroyed some parts of the city in 2015. Some days after, we had … Continue reading NEPAL


My brother Andi and me spent about a month in India and Nepal. To avoid monsoons, after landing in New Delhi, we spent some time in Leh. Leh is the capital of Ladakh, a region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir by the Himalaya. Later we visited Jaipur and Agra. Ladakh hosts a … Continue reading INDIA

Learning path

I like the word "Werdegang" in German. Literally translated it means "the path of becoming", but I'm not sure it is what I mean here: becoming what? I didn't become anything. I don't use the term because it has some connection to career and I really have absolutely none. What I mean here is more … Continue reading Learning path


Just before I started my Master in London, Nikita and me flew to Israel. We spent some days in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. On the first day of our trip, we had the inevitable, very long and passionate discussion about Israel and Palestine. I remember turning Nikita's harmless intention to have breakfast in the … Continue reading ISRAEL